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"For far too long individuals with lupus have suffered greatly from the lack of adequate treatments, but through the PFFD project they now have the extraordinary opportunity to sit at the table, share their unique viewpoints, and be heard by the FDA,"

Kathleen A. Arntsen, Lupus and Allied Diseases Association President and CEO

Tanita Patterson

Tanita Patterson reveals her thoughts about Lupus.

Sherry Chandler

Sherry Chandler and her daughter Tristina (caregiver) discuss their challenges with Lupus.

Anita Boone

Anita Boone talks about her incredible journey with Lupus

Tamika Keener

Tamika Keener discusses her challenges with Lupus.

Lateresa Smith

Lateresa Smith talks about her battle with Lupus.

Lakeshia Rivers

Lakeshia Rivers reveals how she feels about lupus.

Antoinette Thames

Antoinette Thames voices her opinion on lupus.

Edritzel Martin-Beavers

Edritzel opens up about her battle with lupus.

Kelly Hicks

Kelly opens up about lupus.

Tamaka Christian

Tamaka Christian and her sister Brandy Christian discuss their special bond that help them deal with her lupus.

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