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The Lupus of Arkansas, Inc. Foundation President,
Mrs. Jamesetta Smith

The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization based in Hot Springs, Arkansas since 1993. Although based in this beautiful part of Arkansas, we serve patients throughout the state. We are limited to the services we offer due to the lack of public funding. We depend on community support and financial resources. 

For more volunteer events and information on upcoming seminars, support meetings, lupus education, etc.



Annual Statewide Talent Show Leaders


LFOA Annual Statewide Talent Show Chair,
Jansen Goodwin Sr.

Jansen Goodwin Sr. is a devout husband and a father of 4 beautiful children. Jansen is an established musician in central Arkansas with over 15 years of production experience. 




I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as the Chairman of The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. Annual Statewide Talent Show.


With this responsibility I look forward to bringing more awareness to this disease that affects more people each year. I plan to increase our partnership with more organizations that will help us raise money to give  encouragement to the newly diagnosed, continue to give hope to our warriors and unite our cultures that live day to day with Lupus. Let’s conquer and FIGHT!

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LFOA Annual Statewide Talent Show Co-Chair,
Gale Davis

Gale Davis from Little Rock, AR, worked as an accountant for ARDOT Maintenance Division for over 40 years.

Some of her most rewarding experiences in her profession with the Highway Department was having the opportunity to develop her own reports and converting the department from a manual bookkeeping system to a computerized one, providing on the job training to high school seniors working under a CEO program and encouraging them to pursue a career in accounting, and meeting and becoming friends with a wide diversity of coworkers who were based in Little Rock but lived in all parts of our state.

Gale attends Greater Second Baptist, where she is a member of the choir &, Sunday School, Director of the Drama Ministry, and Skit Director for VBS.

She has been the Co-Chair for the LFOA, Inc. Statewide Talent Show for the past six  years. Working with the talent show has enabled her to network with people from all types of professions and meet contestants demonstrating all kinds of talent. This has been a fantastic opportunity for Gale to encourage others to volunteer and use their careers & talents to give back to the community.

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