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To provide patient educating advocacy and support to all affected by Lupus, increase public awareness of the debilitating disease, and help raise research dollars to find a better diagnosis, a better treatment, and a CURE.


The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. attempts to offer assistance to those that are in need; physically, mentally, and financially.  No Lupus patient should have to endure the painstaking negatives that come with living with this disease coupled with lack of finances. The organization is comprised of volunteers that work untiringly to assist those Lupus patients that are in need. Our ultimate goal....a better quality of life!


The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. is working to bring awareness of the obstacles and to work to overcome those obstacles with viable resources and support. Healthcare professionals are available and it is our hope to link needed individuals with resources to help combat the disease. 

We encourage your support! One can assist through our membership initiative, supporting our fundraisers and even more so, through volunteering. No donation is too small.


The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. welcomes your assistance with open arms. 

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