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5th Annual Statewide Talent Show


Beneal comes from Little Rock, AR. His aunt has battled with lupus for over 20 years, but she is still alive and well! Beneal started dancing at 13 yrs. old and was influenced by Usher Raymond. Following in his dad’s footsteps as a dancer, he practiced, practiced, practiced and honed his craft. After college, he started doing and shooting hip-hop videos. However, God told him to dance to a gospel song. As he transitioned from hip hop to gospel music, he found Gospel Mime instead. He has been following the trailblazers of gospel mime, and K&K Mime in order to grow with his gift. He has been 6 years in this ministry and is still going strong.  He now has over 1,000 followers on YouTube and over 100,000 views!


Red Lipstiq, straight out of Little Rock, AR has two very close friends who battle with lupus. They are two of the strongest that she has come across. They teach her that no matter how hard it may get, never give up for the greater good. She has traveled throughout the states entering spoken word competitions and doing shows, which is something she loves to do. She wants the world to know that Red Lipstiq is not only a cosmetic product, but also a vibrant being who only wants what’s best for the world. She has had the pleasure of performing at the largest “Open Mic” in the country and met people from all walks of life. She has won first place and won last, but she has no regrets. Instead, she appreciates them both because she says, “You can’t have one without the other.”


Carl comes from Little Rock, AR. He has a niece who has lupus. He is also a former Lupus Statewide Talent Show contestant. He won 2nd Place in the Ova 40 Revue in 2014 and 1st Place in the Ova 40 Revue in 2015. He loves wooing the ladies with his deep Barry White sounding voice!

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