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1st Place Winner

Caitlyn Cook

2nd Place Winner

Tru Poet

Tru Poet is a nationally ranked poet who won second overall in the 2014 Southern Fried Poetry competition, which is the second largest poetry competition in the world. He also finished first place overall in 2016 in drop the mic slam champion. Tru is a traveling spoken word artist, co-author, entertainer, poet, inspirational speaker, and host all in one. His artistic process started at 13 when he began to write and he soon after developed an interest in competing in school-wide competitions at Little Rock Parkview High School. Now he thrives off of performing in front of crowds of all sizes in various forums, touching the mind and heart of each audience member with his thought-provoking poetry. He is notorious for bringing tears to eyes, joy to hearts, and peace to minds. He's been said to put audience members into a poetry coma. He has performed his astonishing poetry for over thousands of individuals.

3rd Place Winner

Banjo White

The comic genius of Banjo White has allowed him to play on stages all over the USA; with Johnny Cash, Barbara Mandrell, Tom T. Hall, Frank Sinatra, and the list goes on and on.


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