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6th Annual Statewide Talent Show

live stream instructions

When You Purchase Your Tickets Online, You will get a passcode to enter on the Live Stream page of our website(this page will show up only on the day of the show) to view the show about 30 minutes before the show starts.

***Must Purchase Online Tickets By 1:30pm CDT November 12, 2022 To Have Access To This Option***

2022 LIVE STREAM (2).png

How To Access The Live Stream

1. livestream access instructions_Moment.jpg

Step 2: Hover over the Talent Show Live Stream tab on the menu and click 6th Annual Talent Show Live Stream

Step 3: Enter your Passcode and click Go

****Special Note:

If a black box with an X is shown, don't worry, it means the live stream has not started yet. Just refresh your screen in a few minutes.

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